Rachel Rodrigues is a British Indian artist, who was born and grew up in North London. Alongside her art practice, she is completing her doctoral research in psychology with a focus on mental health, at Imperial College London. Her paintings explore human experience using both a biographical and psychological framework. 


One aim of her work is to pay tribute to the moments in time that help shape who we are. She does this by combining her psychological expertise, with her own personal memories and reflections, often painting scenes of everyday life.


"A big part of my process involves reflecting and making sense of experiences I’ve had with my own mental health challenges, the dynamics within my family and how we relate to each other, and, on a bigger scale, how my family and I relate to the rest of the UK as British Indians. A lot of this is seen in my portraiture, and I feel like my paintings help tell the story of how we all change throughout our lives.

The expressions and body language of my subjects, how they may or may not be interacting, all give clues into their inner experience.

I also pay close attention to the colour palette and lighting to create a mood that acts as a mirror for human emotion - either my own or those close to me, or on a larger scale the emotions experienced by society at the time. While my landscapes often contain no people, they are still strongly linked to psychology in this respect."