Rachel Rodrigues is a London born artist of Goan and Manglorean (South Indian) heritage. Alongside working as an artist, she is currently completing her doctoral research on the psychology of self-harm at Imperial College London. Her artistic practice is both autobiographical, drawing on themes of emotion, cultural identity and the family, and informed by current psychology theory.

"A big part of my process involves reflecting and making sense of experiences I’ve had with my own mental health challenges, the dynamics within my family and how we relate to each other, and, on a bigger scale, how my family and I relate to the rest of the UK as British Indians. A lot of this is seen in my portraiture, and I feel like my paintings help tell the story of how we all change throughout our lives.


As the way we think about ourselves and the world is greatly influenced by science, it's also important that my work brings in elements of psychological theory. This interplay between the certainty of science and the subjectivity of personal experience is a key aspect of my work."