Question 1: Can you compile a selection of artworks (up to 5, and not in your prize entry) with a few notes/thoughts on each one? Please include titles and dimensions and mediums.

Please click the images for further information.

Question 2: Can you tell us about any previous exhibitions? Feel free to select one or a few to send info about.

I've recently been featured in The Gallyry's online exhibition 'The Apocalypse Will Blossom', which has been about celebrating courage, patience and hope during the pandemic. 

I've also been involved in the first few editions of Bad Form Review, a quarterly literary review magazine by Black, Asian, and marginalised community writers. I contributed artwork for a short story for the first edition, and was the featured cover artist for the third (see screenshot below), with my artwork being exhibited at the launch of the magazine in October 2019. 

Question 3: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you are working (e.g. exhibition, art fair, commission, residency, etc.)


I'm not currently working towards any formalised project or commission, which I feel at the moment is opening up more time for me to focus on my current series of works around 'Love and Fear', which I would curate for the solo exhibition, if I were to be successful!

Question 4: Can you send us any press articles, press releases, interviews, artwork/exhibition reviews you would like us to read?


​I was interviewed ahead of the launch of The Gallyry's 'The Apocolypse Will Blossom' exhibition, to speak about the connection between art and mental health among other things too. For the interview click here.

Question 5: If you were to be chosen as a winner and awarded a solo exhibition, do you have any initial ideas on the exhibition themes and the artworks you would like to include or create?


I am currently working on a series of works around the theme of ‘Love and Fear’, which draws inspiration from Munch’s ‘The Frieze of Life’. This series aims to tell the story of my family with a focus on early parent-child relationships and identity formation and how this translates to adult relationships. 


Current works in the series include ‘The Sitting Room in Summer’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Forget me not’. For the exhibition, I would aim to include approximately 7-8 paintings of varying sizes. As part of this series I am also planning on producing some larger works (100 x 100cm and/or 75 x 100cm) and would endeavour to create these by the exhibition deadline.


I feel this work would be particularly relevant to society today as we focus more on mental wellbeing and self-exploration. I hope it will help us to examine our own relationships more honestly and closely, and open up important conversations around mental health and relationship anxieties that may be experienced by many.